We believe in our mission,
and deliver with passion.

“To empower our clients to use information
& technology cost effectively to help achieve
business objectives.”

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ICA is a Digital Skills Training Consultancy that is also a Crown Commercial Service Supplier through our Framework Agreement secured with the UK Cabinet Office as Digital Specialists.

Our clients trust us and our experience, and to demonstrate this as an example one of our clients a Bosnian Charity that owns a Community Centre in West London contracted us to provide a new CMS based website to promote their work and raise their profile with stakeholders, a few months after they secured funding for 3 years.

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We operate in an inclusive manner and environment where partnership and communication between one another is important for success.


We are committed to serving our customers by providing them with great customer service and cost effective services that provides value for money.


We consider options and rationale in everything we do to provide a great services to our customers while treating our team & clients alike with fairness.

Our Expertise

Professional consultants with over 10 years of experience

Training Webinars

We are able to deliver training through professional consultants as well as design bespoke workshops for your target audience delivered onsite & through webinars.

Web Solutions

We provide training & consultancy on Content Management System (CMS) based website design and development for information dissemination including web analytics for insights.

Information Management

We provide training and consultancy support to organisations to build their capacity in information management using digital technology.

Business Operations

We are able to deliver training & consultancy support on Sales CRM, Project Management CRM, Survey Apps, and Automated Digital Marketing Apps and more.

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